Hydrogen Innovation

HyCAL Corp. is the only producer of automotive grade steels in North America that can utilize the hydrogen continuous annealing process.

The HyCAL line was developed and built by Ebner, the world leader in hydrogen annealing and heat treating equipment. No one else in the world offers you this technology.

Compared to traditional water quench lines, the HyCAL process of hydrogen annealing delivers dead flat, on spec material with consistent properties across the strip length and width, superior shape and cleaner surface. Even for martensite grades.

The infinitely adjustable, optimized blend of hydrogen used for quenching produces AHSS/UHSS grades with zero residual stress, prime yield and exceptional flatness. No post CAL processing is required to correct shape, so no stresses are added to your coils. Our material dead flat and ready to use right off the line. Most definitely, a game changer.