AHSS Innovation

HyCAL’s exceptional AHSS/UHSS products are the result of our unique hydrogen continuous anneal line.

Built by Ebner, the world leader in hydrogen annealing and heat treating equipment, our line gives us the capability to control properties like no one else in the world.

Our products come off the line ready to go into production—on spec, with superior flatness and incomparable consistency of properties across the strip length and width. Even for martensite grades.

No post anneal processing is required to correct shape, so no stresses are added to your coils. You’ll see higher yields, more parts per coil and more consistent production.

HyCAL can reduce your steel and manufacturing costs.

HyCAL Grade and Property Examples

Yield(Mpa) Tensile(Mpa) Elg BR
HyCAL MS1700 1350-1700 1700-1900 3 4T
HyCAL MS1500 1200-1500 1500-1700 3 4T
HyCAL MS1300 1030-1300 1300-1500 3 4T
HyCAL MP1180 875-1150 1180-1350 6 3.5T
HyCAL CP980 700-900 980-1130 8 2.5T
HyCAL DP980 550-730 980-1130 8 2T
HyCAL DP780 420-550 780-900 15 2T

SimCAL Adds Control

Our Process Simulator (SimCAL) duplicates the thermal model of the CAL allowing us to refine properties PRIOR to production, resulting in on spec finished material. Once an acceptable thermal cycle is identified, the SimCAL locks in the entire thermal cycle of heating and quenching to accurately produce the targeted grade.  The SimCAL also streamlines grade development and certification.

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