Reduce Your AHSS/UHSS Steel and Manufacturing Costs with HyCAL

Incomparable consistency of properties and flatness, zero residual stress.

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News & Updates

  • HyCAL Named Toll Processor of the Year for 2021

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  • HyCAL Corp selected as Toll Processor of the Year finalist.

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  • HyCAL Corp. earns IATF 16949:2016 Certification

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Driving Steel Lightweighting Technology Forward.

HyCAL’s revolutionary hydrogen continuous anneal process produces steel with never before seen flatness—5 I-units or less, with zero residual stresses—and consistency of properties throughout each coil. Coil to coil and mult to mult. Read More »

All the Grades.

HyCAL can produce Martensite, Dual Phase, Complex Phase, Transformation-Induced Plasticity, Quench & Partition, all the 3rd Gen steels and the harden and tempered grades.

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HyCAL Grade and Property Examples

Yield Tensile Elongation
MS 1700 1390 MPa 1731 MPa 6.9%
MS 1500 1260 MPa 1540 MPa 6.0%
MS 1300 1085 MPa 1372 MPa 6.3%
MP 1180 995 MPa 1279 MPa 7.4%
CP 980 900 MPa 1090 MPa 16%
DP 980 630 MPa 1150 MPa 15%
DP 780 460 MPa 795 MPa 20%

Winner: 2021 Toll processor of the year

HyCAL has proudly been selected as the Toll Processor of the Year in the 2021 AMM Awards for Steel Excellence. Let us help you increase the efficiency of your supply chain.

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