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The world's most advanced steels for the world's most advanced vehicles.

HyCAL’s revolutionary automotive steels are driving lightweighting technology forward. Our hydrogen continuous anneal process, unique in North America—produces automotive steels with never before seen flatness (5 I-units or less) with zero residual stresses, and consistency of properties throughout the entire coil. Coil to coil and mult to mult.

You get consistent, repeatable and predictable results, increased parts per coil, elimination of steel related rejects, and enhanced productivity.

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HyCAL 1300, 1500 and 1700 give you the formability you need— without compromising strength levels. Superior flatness and residual stress free right off our line. With exceptional property consistency across the entire width and length, HyCAL delivers the best product on the market.

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HyCAL Grade and Property Examples

Yield (Mpa) Tensile (Mpa) Elg Bend Radius
HyCAL MS1700 1350-1700 1700-1900 3 4T
HyCAL MS1500 1200-1500 1500-1700 3 4T
HyCAL MS1300 1030-1300 1300-1500 3 4T
HyCAL MP1180 875-1150 1180-1350 6 3.5T
HyCAL CP980 700-900 980-1130 8 2.5T

Helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

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News & Updates

  • HyCAL Adds Paper Interleaf Capability for Coated and Surface Critical Product

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  • HyCAL Corp. earns IATF 16949:2016 Certification

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  • HyCAL Corp. – an MBE certified company.

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