HyCAL Hydrogen CA line produces AHSS/UHSS grades with superior formability and consistency.

Driving steel lightweighting technology forward.

New HyCAL hydrogen CA process delivers on spec, residual stress-free prime yield for AHSS/UHSS grades.

HyCAL Corp. is changing the game.  HyCAL can produce DP, CP, Trip, MS, QP, HT, and all the 3rd Gen steels currently under development.

Utilizing an optimized blend of hydrogen to quench, the HyCAL continuous anneal process eliminates the off flat conditions and inconsistency of properties so common in water quenched lines. Our hydrogen quenched line never uses water, resulting in incomparable consistency of properties across the entire strip width and length.   And since your product is ready to use right off the line — without temper rolling or tension leveling — residual stresses are not introduced into the coil.

For OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers, the HyCAL process delivers AHSS/UHSS grades with an optimal balance of strength, formability and weldability so you get the ideal product for your application without compromising on properties.  Even MS grades have the formability to bring efficiency and savings to your manufacturing process.

For steel producers and distributors who have not yet invested in CA technology, our hydrogen line allows you to test the size of specific markets, determine the best products and find the heat treat process that is most suitable for you, without the risk of investing in equipment.

This cutting edge technology is available on a toll basis, enabling you to purchase only what you need when you need it.  And to source from a much broader supply base.

The AHSS/UHSS market opportunity is evolving.  And HyCAL is driving steel lightweighting technology forward.

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