Property Consistency

The HyCAL hydrogen continuous anneal process is a technological breakthrough that delivers unrivaled consistency of properties across the entire profile of the strip—both length and width.  You get dead flat, on spec, residual stress-free prime yield for all AHSS/UHSS grades.  With enhanced formability.

The first of its kind for steel, our Ebner line utilizes an infinitely variable, optimized blend of hydrogen to quench, eliminating the off flat conditions, inconsistency of properties and high reject rates so common in water quenched lines.

The HyCAL technology allows for flexible selection of quench rate, end quench temperature and final thermal path in a single line configuration.  The additional presence of a hot leveler ensures a flat strip for all product categories.

Your product is ready to use right off the line—with no post heat treat processing such as temper rolling or tension leveling, so residual stresses are not introduced into the coil.  You get a better product with less processing and less cost.

The AHSS/UHSS market opportunity is evolving.  And HyCAL is driving steel lightweighting technology forward.