Ferragon Corporation

HyCAL Corp. is a Ferragon company.

Ferragon corporation is a metal services company supporting manufacturing supply chains in industries such as automotive/transportation, energy, appliance, construction, agriculture, mining and general fabrication.  All the Ferragon companies operate under a unique, 100% toll-processing business model that focuses squarely on providing world class services to our customers.

We don’t buy or sell a single ounce of metal.  This allows us to be a “neutral” party in the markets we serve and provides us the flexibility to work with any mill, service center, broker, and OEM within the metals supply chain.

For HyCAL customers, the capabilities of Ferragon provide you with access to a broad range of processing services, all from a single point of contact, with single invoice convenience.  This allows you added flexibility in how you source and purchase your substrate.  And because we operate on a pure toll processing basis, we give you a no-risk option for responding nimbly to customer demands and testing market viability.