HyCAL is changing the game.

Our unique process provides increased parts per coil, virtually eliminates steel related manufacturing yield losses and enhances productivity.  Even MS grades have the formability to bring efficiency and savings to your process.

The HyCAL hydrogen continuous anneal process delivers AHSS/UHSS grades with incomparable flatness and consistency of properties across the length and width of the strip.  The result is an optimal balance of strength, formability and weldability that gives you the ideal product for your application while improving manufacturing efficiency.

HyCAL can produce Martensite, Dual Phase, Complex Phase, Quench & Partition, Transformation Induced Plasticity, and all the 3rd Gen steels currently in use or under development.

HyCAL is cutting waste and increasing efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.  Let us help reduce your AHSS/UHSS steel and manufacturing costs.

The world’s most advanced vehicles require the world’s most advanced steels—only available from HyCAL.