H2 Continuous Anneal

The HyCAL hydrogen continuous anneal line produces all the AHSS/UHSS grades including Martensite, Dual Phase, Complex Phase, Quench & Partition, Transformation Induced Plasticity, and all the 3rd Gen steels currently under development.

The hydrogen cooling technology of the line gives us full control of finished properties—despite heat to heat variations from the mill—and produces incomparable consistency of properties across the entire length and width of the strip profile.

SimCAL Adds Control

Our Process Simulator (SimCAL) duplicates the thermal model of the CAL allowing HyCAL to prove achievable properties PRIOR to production, resulting in lower cost, less waste and more predictable results. Once an acceptable thermal cycle is identified, the SimCAL feeds forward directly to the CA line and locks in heating and quenching cycles to accurately produce the targeted grade. The SimCAL also streamlines the grade development and certification process.

Martensitic Grades With Exceptional Formability

High strength MS steels used for pillars, bumpers, rails, reinforcements, and other safety components have traditionally been challenging to form. HyCAL delivers the material formability you need for structural and safety components — without loss of physical properties.

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